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Deep Roots Health is a Functional Medicine practice owned by Dr. Kiona Subramanian, MD. She provides thorough, holistic medical evaluations to get to the root cause of symptoms and illnesses.  


What to Expect

When you are evaluated at Deep Roots Health you are getting a doctor's visit unlike any you have had before.  Dr. Kiona has the time to hear your whole story and wants to know what is behind the story as well.  She will assess you from a conventional medicine standpoint (making sure nothing has been missed) as well as assess the problem from a holistic and integrative standpoint.  She may incorporate referrals to other alternative practitioners if the therapy will be synergistic with her recommendations.  She will also consider the way stress and your environment  could be impacting your health.  

Your first appointment is a 50 minute in-depth medical visit.  Before you arrive please print out and sign the Consent Forms and fill out the Medical Questionnaire.  Dr. Kiona will determine if your condition is appropriate for a functional medicine approach.  Occasionally,  patients are better served by getting a specific type of medical workup (for which you will be referred back to your primary medical doctor) or patients need a different type of complimentary treatment approach such as acupuncture, massage, or chiropractic care.   The charge for this visit is $200 which is Dr. Kiona's standard hourly rate.  

If your case seems like a good fit for Functional Medicine and you would like to go forward, you will enter Stage I of treatment.  Stage I focuses on basic nutritional deficits, diet, stress, and sleep.  Dr. Kiona will gather lab information through conventional routes  (often covered by insurance unless you are Medicare patient) and test your hormonal stress response with a test from Precision Analytical (not covered by insurance, in-home urine kit, cost of $150-250).  She will order these tests at your first visit.  Once she receives the results you will be scheduled for another visit to review the findings and discuss a treatment plan.   The cost of this visit varies depending on whether you have chosen the fee for service model or the membership model (see Fee schedule for details).  Stage 1 should take 3 months. 

In 3 months,  we can then advance to Stage 2.  Stage 2 involves treating the gut.   Dr. Kiona will test for digestive insufficiencies, inflammation in the colon, bacterial imbalances and parasites in the colon (not covered by insurance, in-home stool kit, Doctor's Data, $295) and a breath test for bacterial imbalance in the small intestine (not covered by insurance, in home breath test kit,  Commonwealth Labs,$175).  Dr. Kiona will order the testing two months after starting Stage I so that the results can be back around month 3 of treatment.  Once she receives the results, you will be scheduled for an appointment to review them and discuss the next steps of treatment.  This stage also is 3 months.  

A similar process will be involved in progressing to Stage III (the second 6 months of treatment).   This stage focuses on the elimination diet and the detoxification systems in your body.  Dr. Kiona will initiate testing in month 5 of treatment so we can have the results by month 6.   She will test for heavy metals (Mercury Tri-Test with Quicksilver $220 and a DMSA challenge test with Doctor's Data $120) and a detailed look at your nutritional status ($150 or $863 depending on your insurance coverage, Genova Diagnostics NutrEval).  Once she receives the results, you'll be scheduled for a visit in a similar fashion as stage I and II.   

Since Dr. Kiona is not a primary care provider she takes care of people for a defined amount of time.  Once your health problem is improved and you have reached a new level of contentment with your state of wellness you will no longer see Dr. Kiona regularly.  Patients who have already gone through the functional medicine evaluation and completed a course of treatment are welcome to come back in for a yearly visit to review your health and lab results.  If you would like to schedule this, let her know ahead of time so that she can arrange the needed lab work before hand.  This visit will be one hour in length.  Dr. Kiona will not be ordering or tracking any usual health maintenance screening such as mammogram, pap smear, or colon cancer screening.  

After treatment is finished, if new questions pop up, you can schedule a visit to discuss the issue with Dr. Kiona at any time.  


In addition to Functional Medicine, Dr. Kiona is also certified in Somatic Experiencing therapy (SE).  This modality of treatment addresses the entire nervous system and how it is functioning.   Please see this blog post for more information.  Many people do not know that trauma can significantly effect physiologic processes in the body.  If this is the case, it is possible to work with your nervous system to achieve a greater resiliency in your mental state as well as your physiologic processes (how your body functions).  SE sessions occur once per week and look a lot like a talk therapy session.  Sessions are 50 minutes and pricing is different from Dr. Kiona's standard hourly rate.  Please see fee schedule for information.