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Deep Roots Health is a Functional Medicine practice owned by Dr. Kiona Subramanian, MD. She provides thorough, holistic medical evaluations to get to the root cause of symptoms and illnesses.  

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Fee Schedule

There are two types of treatment available from Dr. Kiona.  The first is Functional Medicine (see What to Expect tab for details).  The second is Somatic Experiencing therapy which consists of weekly sessions which look a little like talk therapy.  See this blog post for more information.  There are different hourly rates for these two types of service because the cost of delivering the care are different.  The details are below.   

There are three ways to access functional medicine care  at Deep Roots Health:

  1. Fee-for-service:
    • Dr. Kiona's time is paid for directly as you use it
    • Rate at $200/hour when face to face. Visits can be 30-60 minutes
    • Typical schedule is once every 3-4 months while we are working through the staged treatment process.  
    • Email is $25 per email session
    • Group visits have a separate rate of $20 per visit.
  2. Membership
    • 6 or 12 month membership available.
    •  6 month membership is $140/month
    • 12 month membership is $125/month.  
    • A membership covers:
      • monthly visits
      • unlimited  group visits (both in person and virtual groups via webinar)
  3. Scholarship
    • This is funded through supplement sales through the office.  
    • More information to come! 

We can schedule in-person, web conferencing, or phone visits.  Initial evaluations and visits at the beginning of each stage of treatment (see "What to Expect") need 1 hour of time, but follow up visits can be less and based on what you feel you will need.  

 See the "What to Expect" Tab for a description of my 3 Stage process of treatment.  The Staged system can be used in the membership model or the fee-for-service model.  

Conventional laboratory testing:  Dr. Kiona typically orders as many labs as she can through conventional testing which can be processed with your insurance.  The direct cost to you will depend on your contract with your insurance company.  If you have a high deductible plan ($3000 or more) these labs have to be paid for out of pocket.  If you have coverage for the labs, insurance will cover it even though Dr. Kiona does not participate with insurance.  The pricing from Quest labs is not straightforward.  They have their own contracts with your insurance company which are not made public.  Dr. Kiona cannot give an up-front price quote for these labs.  If you do not have any insurance, have Medicare,  or would like to know what the out-of-pocket cost would be, Dr. Kiona will use Professional Co-op which draws blood at LabCorp and can give an up-front price.  


Functional Medicine testing:  There are many studies into your  hormones, biochemistry, intestinal function and microbiome which are not covered by conventional insurance.  Even if they can be covered by conventional insurance, Dr. Kiona often does not have an acceptable diagnosis (in the eyes of the insurance company) in order to cover the test.  Therefore, there are many useful tests which can help Dr. Kiona get to the root cause of your issue which need to be paid for out of pocket.  The testing cost varies from case to case.  The range of cost is between $150 and $3000.  Please see testing tab for an idea of the types of tests Dr. Kiona can order.  There is also information on the cost of testing in the "What to Expect" tab.  The tests can only be ordered after an in-person evaluation.   


If you are interested in getting SE therapy with Dr. Kiona, the hourly rate is $100 per 50 minute session.  We will not be able to discuss any of your medical treatment during these sessions but will dive deeply into your psychological life.  



My thoughts on money and medicine. 

In my mind, the value of a thorough, attentive evaluation by a physician can be priceless. This is especially true if they can uncover an illness or imbalance which, left unrecognized or untreated, would have long reaching effects on your ability to live a healthy, comfortable, resilient life.   The cost of conventional medical care without insurance is exorbitant.  It is beyond the reach of the vast majority of Americans today.  Therefore, insurance (which comes with a pretty hefty price of it's own) is a critical factor in our ability to access conventional healthcare.  Unfortunately, and this is a REAL tragedy for us in the U.S. right now, your insurance cannot buy you the time you need with your doctor.  It can buy you an expensive ER visit. It can buy you a heart catheterization. It can buy you a liver transplant.  But,  it cannot buy you time.  It particularly cannot buy you time with a thoughtful generalist physician who can listen to your entire story and lay out a framework for moving forward in a healthier way.  As a primary care physician (in my past life) I had 10-15 minutes per patient.  At best I had 30 minutes for a "yearly physical" in which I had to make sure I covered every thing that was impacting your health for the past year, complete screening for numerous illnesses, monitor medications, and maybe even chitchat a bit about what was going on in "the rest" of your life.  God forbid you needed to also address your knee pain.  There was not time for that!  This has probably been your experience as well.  If you are struggling with a physical or psychological complaint and all testing has shown up "normal", it is very difficult to find someone to spend the time necessary to dive a little deeper.  Don't get me wrong.  This is not a criticism of physicians.  They are hard working, brilliant, generous people.  But the sad truth is that the insurance system is squeezing them.  Primary care physicians (generalists) need to keep visits short and see lots of people in an hour in order to cover their overhead, pay back their crazy student loans, and actually support their families.  It's not their fault.  But I can't play in that system.  Your insurance won't cover my overhead at the pace I want to talk to people.  Particularly because I want to see 1 or 2 people per hour so that I have the time to really listen in order to help my patients be as vibrant as they can be.  Even though I don't bill insurance for my services, I am doing everything I can to keep my prices as low as possible so that the greatest amount of folks can have access to this type of care.  In addition, whenever possible, I try to get the testing I do covered through insurance as well.  So, yes, it will cost some money out of pocket.  It is also a great investment in yourself.