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Deep Roots Health is a Functional Medicine practice owned by Dr. Kiona Subramanian, MD. She provides thorough, holistic medical evaluations to get to the root cause of symptoms and illnesses.  


  1. What is Functional Medicine? 
    Functional Medicine is an evolution in the practice of medicine which addresses the root causes of disease and wellness. My functional medicine practice at Deep Roots Health will

    1)    Spend adequate time to understand and listen to patients after studying a comprehensive medical history

    2)    Create a partnership with patients,

    3)    Look closely at diet, sleep, and movement.

    4)    Coach the patient to greater wellness through new behaviors and habits

    5)    Use the results from detailed laboratory tests to assess factors that are contributing to illness and wellness.

     The Institute of Functional Medicine trains health care professionals to investigate the causes of inflammation, hormone imbalance, gut bacteria imbalance, poor digestion, autoimmunity, hidden infections, and lifestyle factors which may cause poor health; such as inadequate diet or exercise which can contribute to rapid aging, fatigue, and chronic illness.    

  2. Will Deep Roots Health accept my insurance?
    We don’t directly bill insurance companies, but in most instances you can submit your bill to your insurance company for reimbursement. I will ensure that the testing I order is covered by insurance whenever possible and pre-authorizations are sought whenever needed.  You will have a well put-together bill to send to your insurance company to seek reimbursement for my services.  

     I believe that patients and doctors need to take control of what is happening in the exam rooms across America.  The insurance regulations that are being applied to physicians have created an unprecedented level of burnout and discouragement, often dictating the amount of time a physician can spend with a patient and which tests are allowed. I believe it is easier to provide high quality, patient-centered care for a more reasonable price by eliminating the insurance middle man.

     I truly value and appreciate being able to spend adequate time with each of my patients. This is often impossible in a traditional medical practice setting that accepts insurance.  

  3. Do you prescribe conventional medicine?
    Yes, when necessary. I use conventional medicine and the tools I learned in medical school to arrive at an accurate diagnosis, especially in the cases where overlooking a serious disease would be dangerous. There are many useful and effective tools available through conventional medicine.  There are also medications which have been shown to extend life and minimize complications from illness.  I like to use medication judiciously, however I do believe that in most cases, my patients will gain more from lifestyle changes to modulate the disease process than they would gain from a pill.  Naturally occurring foods contain healing powers that can not be matched the reductionist thinking that boils treatment down to one specific compound found in a pill. However, there are times when medications can create nothing less than a miracle.  Sometimes you need pharmaceuticals while you work on changing your diet, moving more, and reducing your stress.  Then later, you can come off the medication.  There are very few medications that need to be taken for life, but I can advise you on the subtleties of that decision.  
  4. Can you be my primary care provider?
    A primary care provider (PCP) is responsible for all aspects of your medical care including screening, all medication refills, and is a resource to you 24 hours a day, providing on-call coverage.  Most primary care providers have a panel of patients between 500 and 2000.  Being responsible for 500 people is gratifying, but time consuming.  I am focusing on functional medicine in my practice.  In order to help the most people I can, I need to prioritize which aspects of your health I’m going to focus on.  By taking on the responsibility of many patients as their primary care provider, the time I would have available for providing functional evaluations would decrease.  So for the time being, I would ask all patients who come to see me to keep their relationship with their current PCP.  In the future I may have a primary care option to my office, but for now I won’t be able to be your PCP.  

  5. How do I access my lab results?
    You will be able to access your lab results through the Hellow Health Patient Portal. By signing up for the Hello Health patient portal.  **** instructions for signing up****.  Hello Health is a powerful electronic medical record (EMR) that I use in my practice.  I chose this EMR because it is user-friendly.  You can access all lab results, modify your medical record as necessary, get copies of office notes, send emails to me securely, and access office visits over Skype if you choose.
  6. How do I get reimbursed from my insurance company?
    At the conclusion of your visit I will provide you with the paperwork necessary to file your claim.  You will send this paperwork to your insurance company and they will reimburse you at the rate they have determined for an out-of-network doctor for the specific treatment.  The procedure and the rate of reimbursement will vary depending on your insurance company.

  7. How will you use the many pages of detailed health history in the intake packet?
    A detailed history is a major tenet of functional medicine.  Due to epigenetic factors our state of health begins before we’re even conceived!  The stress and state of health of our parents change their genes which is then passed onto us.  Then the early exposures to antibiotics, certain foods, trauma, and other lifestyle factors in our childhood are a set up for our state of health later on.  From there, current lifestyle factors have to be assessed,  such as how you eat, how you cope with stress, and your current living and working environment.  That’s a lot of information to gather!  By investing the time in the intake paperwork before you get to the office, our time spent face to face can be the most productive and efficient.  My promise is if you spend the time to fill out the packet, I will spend the time necessary to read it and assimilate the information before you even walk in the door.  
  8. Can you help me lose weight?
    Excess weight is often a reflection of our lifestyle choices - what we’re eating, how we’re sleeping, and how we’re moving.  But sometimes there are more complicated imbalances at work such as hormones, gut bacteria, inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies that sap our energy.  A third complicating layer is our culture’s obsession with dieting, perfection, and appearance.  Each person has a unique path toward health.  That path may include losing weight, or it may not.  We can’t always control it.  

     But my personal and clinical experience is this: If you’re feeling poorly and blame it on your weight, I can guarantee that you can feel better regardless of the numbers on the scale.  If you hold too tightly to the numbers going down, and then for some reason they don’t, you can end up self-sabotaging really healthy beneficial behaviors that ultimately help you feel good, just because the numbers didn’t drop.  So I like to focus on all the things in your life that make you feel good and create health, then let the numbers fall where they may.  

  9. How important is it to take supplements?
    There are certain aspects of our modern lifestyle which set us up for deficiencies.  Based on your personalized medical evaluation, I can advise you on how to supplement in the most thoughtful and efficient way.   With a significant amount of effort most people could get what they need through diet and lifestyle choices and I will be able to guide you.  But usually a middle ground needs to be found between lifestyle changes and adequate supplements. I hope to help you find that middle ground.   


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